Time warps

To continue the music theme[1], willowlaughter and I went to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) on Saturday, and enjoyed Brahm's Violin Concerto[2] and Pictures at an Exhibition, which were quite good. BSO's hall was clearly built in the 60s, but is pretty attractive. Comparisons to the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) were hard to avoid, and SFS mostly came in on top, unsurprisingly. On the other hand, they BSO's symphony hall is about a 8 minute drive from where we live, and we could probably walk or take the Light Rail[3] there without any issues.

In any case, there were a bunch of interesting-looking concerts on the BSO schedule, so we'll certainly return there.

[1] Okay, yes, I had intended to post with less than a 2-year gap between posts. Of course, I 'm beating that by a whole 8 days; doesn't that make you happy? Some minor changed have happened since my first post, including getting married and moving to Baltimore, Maryland...

[2] My main complaint here was that it was hard to hear the soloist over the orchestra, but willowlaughter pointed out that Brahms tends to put a lot into the orchestral side. I was much happier with the acoustics and balance for Pictures at an Exhibition.

[3] Baltimore's public transit is entirely crazed. Through dumb luck, we live in the only area with ready access to both the Baltimore Metro and Light Rail.